Skills, Tools and Education

The following is a sampling of my skills, the tools I use, and my educational history. These don't tell you who I am or how I may benefit your organization, but they do reflect my general skill-set. Interested? Let's start a conversation! Contact Me to get things going!

"You shouldn't do things differently just because they're different. They need to be... better."

Elon Musk

Leadership Skills

Team Building

Understanding people, their strengths, and how they work with one another are crucial to success, especially when they are speaking two different languages (business and IT). Through education and experience, I've learned that conflict is normal and that most people want to succeed. I've also realized that having critical conversations between business and IT teams solves many problems previously blamed on technology, saving organizations millions of dollars and improving corporate engagement.

Listening and Respect

Active listening and respecting teammates, whether onsite, remote, offshore, or corporate makes the difference between good outcomes and blaming someone. It's more than a 15-minute standup, can get messy at times, and is a foundational "must" to how I work.

Software and Tech

Data Orchestration Platforms

Optimizing enterprise Adobe Campaign Classic (9032) instance by promoting sound and scalable data integrations between real-time data feeds (via various Kafka consumer topics), SMS and push messaging systems, proximity systems, daily and weekly batch feeds to the data lake, and email pushes using Adobe ESP. Integrations include proximity services, WeChat, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager and others.

Content Management Systems

Configuration, development and administration of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.2, 6.4, 6.5 within Adobe's Experience Cloud, Digital Asset Manager (DAM) taxonomy development and workflow optimization, and Search and Promote configuration and installation.

Multi-Channel Marketing and Conversion Optimization

Creating end-to-end campaigns for various paid media channels including social media, PPC networks, native ads, email and remarketing. I've got the acronyms you may be looking for: SEO, SEM, PPC, CRO, CTA, etc.

A/B testing and CRO tools include Adobe Target, VWO, Optimizely, Unbounce and custom solutions.

Data and Analytic Tools

I use Adobe Analytics (Omniture), Google Analytics (and their new Data Studio) daily as well as Search Console (formerly Webmaster tools) and Tag Manager. Third party tools include seoClarity, ahrefs, and Resonate.

Data analysis and visualization tools I've used include Gephi, D3.js various Python libraries and others. Plus RapidMiner for NLP tasks.

Audience survey tools include Amazon's Mechanical Turk, Google's Customer Insights, and other in-house solutions.

Programming Languages and More

I use or am familiar with the following: Cascading style sheets (CSS), Confluence, Git / Github, HTML5, Javascript, Java, JCR query builder, Jira, Linux, Maven, PL/SQL, Python, SharePoint.

Educational Experiences

Continual learning of new technology, strategic principals, conversion optimization and more. In other words, I love learning ways to improve.

University of Maryland Global Campus(UMGC), Adelphi, Maryland

Masters of Science: Information Technology, Informatics, 2019

Urshan Graduate School of Theology, St. Louis, MO

Master of Arts, 2014

Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, FL

Bachelor of Arts, Fine Art

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