Documents, Requirements, and More

Deliverables to help define priorities, refine processes, and establish new systems.

Training and UX Documents

  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
WBS for content strategy work

More Stuff - in process

Leading Ideation/Brainstorming Sessions

An important part of content strategy is leading brainstorming sessions to identify the content topics that need to be produced.
These examples came from sessions I led or pieces that I wrote (as a ghost writer) or edited.

Writing for Conversions

These samples were created specifically for a conversion action, whether the action was to purchase, sign-up with an email or contact the company for more information.

Front-End Dev and Design

The following are a few samples that I designed and coded.

sunbeam ac landing page

Landing page for Sunbeam Air Conditioning

Intraphex landing page

Landing page for Intraphex

iSimple Solutions landing page

Landing page for iSimple Solutions

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