People Matter

Effective strategy considers the diversity and uniqueness of people, communicates in a way that is respectful & authentic, offers real value and is 508 compliant.

Creating Usable Personas

The following personas were created using data from Google Analytics and Resonate (a third-party analytics provider). We used these to:

  • Create buyer journeys that identified touchpoints, event triggers, and pain points.
  • Target audiences for various paid media campaigns.
  • Write specific ad and landing page copy.
Stacey W persona
George J persona

Personas: A Valuable Part of Content Strategy

The following slides provided a "high altitude" look at the content strategy we were implementing - and were created as part of an executive presentation.

Let the audience flow

Getting an audience to your site using various channels and methods.

Will you share please?

A few ways content is shared - and it starts simply by asking.

themes used in PPC

The strategy: Create themes - then bid on related keywords.

theme ad and landing page

Here's an ad/landing page combination of one of these themes.

fathers are amazing

This is an example of a successful Father's Day campaign.

How to establish relevancy

Explanation of how to establish relevant subjects and ads.

create value with Greg

A wrap-up of the overall strategy we used.

Social content bullseye

Overview of how social content is used to create relevancy

build brand awareness with Greg

The long-term value of brand awareness happens through a variety of channels.